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We are a reputable Drupal migration service provider with the capacity to manage data, websites, and content of any complexity and size. For transferring your data and database, we use the most up-to-date methodology, tools, and modules. PROS can easily migrate your website to the most recent Drupal version.

Our primary services are Drupal migrations. Our Drupal migration services are second to none, and we are equipped to manage content transfers of any scale and complexity. For the migration task, we exclusively employ the tried-and-true, top tools available. Our adaptable, tested engagement strategy begins with the assessment of the client’s business needs to guarantee that the appropriate Drupal migration services solution is delivered promptly, affordably, and on time.

The Drupal team creates a thorough backup of the current enterprise website to ensure that all data is completely protected before the transfer process. Only once the full data migration and security updates are completed can clients be assured of project delivery. The highly-skilled development team at PROS uses cutting-edge, ground-breaking technologies to migrate websites.

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Our Drupal Migration Services

We provide a full range of smooth platform migration services to Drupal CMS.

Database Migration

In the shortest amount of time possible, the whole database—including data, customer information, employee information, and financial accounts—is moved with a full backup to ensure data security.

Extension Update

To equip your website with new functionalities for efficient business operations, extensions are updated with the most recent version that is compatible with Drupal.

Theme Migration

Before making a decision, different Drupal themes are available to give the website a fresh style, feel, and appearance. Select a theme to create a website that appeals to users visually.

Website Customization

Your enhanced Drupal website is customized by our developers to your specifications. With modification, you may give your company website a flawless and modern appearance.

Migrating New Host To Drupal

We assist your company in moving your current website to the Drupal platform so that you can more effectively reach your target audience.

Maintenance & Support

With our 24/7 support and maintenance services, our Drupal developers provide knowledgeable assistance over the phone, via email, and live chat.

Why Choose PROS For Drupal Migration Services?

Being a trusted Drupal Migration Services Provider, we:

  • Add new levels of functionality and content-driven experiences to set apart client business enterprises in the Drupal environment.
  • Focus on every essential component, such as the user experience, business analysis, and many others, when addressing the client’s end-to-end Drupal migration lifecycle.
  • Enhance the new CMS ecosystem’s scalability and security layers so that it can better satisfy the expanding business requirements.
  • Complete QA testing should be done before any deployment work is done to let the client work as efficiently as possible.
  • Offer timely Drupal Upgrade & Migration services with a variety of hiring packages at affordable pricing.
  • Create collaborative chances by providing a variety of quick, competent, and economical participation models.

How PROS Stands Out With Drupal Migration Services

In today’s digital landscape, Drupal is playing an increasingly larger role in the migration of websites. Drupal is a powerful content management system (CMS) that enables developers to build custom sites quickly and efficiently. By leveraging its extensive library of core modules and themes, PROS offers clients the ability to create full-featured and highly customized websites.

At PROS, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that when it comes to developing a website, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of experienced Drupal migration works closely with each client to ensure their site meets their desired goals and requirements. Here are a few of the ways we stand out from other Drupal migration service providers:

We are experts in both Drupal 7 and 8, so we can help you create a site that is optimized for the latest version of the platform.
Our team follows best practices when it comes to coding, so your website will be secure, fast-loading, and easy to maintain.
We have extensive experience with custom module development, allowing us to build features that are tailored specifically to your business needs.
We use the latest technologies, such as HTML5, to ensure your website looks great and works on any device.
Our team provides full-service support, from initial design all the way through to launch and beyond.

For more information on our Drupal migration services. We specialize in custom content management systems that are easy to use, secure, and reliable. Our team of experienced developers will work with you to create a website that meets your needs and exceeds expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Drupal Migration Services FAQs

Drupal Migration Time

One can migrate the simplest brochure sites without custom modules and just a couple of content types within 30 hours. However, as the site complexity grows, the migration process extends. For some websites, it can take a couple of months.

Drupal is still among the leading CMS platforms you can rely on for your next web project. Its flexibility in customization, scalability, robust personalization tools and the huge community are the reasons this CMS platform is still ahead of the competition in 2022.

Make sure that core Migrate and contributed Migrate Plus modules are enabled. Navigate to admin/config/development/configuration/single/import of your Drupal 8 site. Select ‘Migration’ as the configuration type. Paste your migration definition YAML to the configuration import form and click ‘Import’

Run the database migrations first, before you deploy the new code. This means the before code must work with both database schemas, but the after code can assume that the tables have already been added.

Many NASA centers, funded projects, and other partners (including university labs and departments) are in the process of, or have completed the migration of their content onto Drupal. Drupal has become a content management system of choice for several reasons.

Drupal Migration Services Company


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