Shopify Plus Advantages

shopify plus advantages

With the wide range of advantages available to its customers, Shopify Plus is a viable option for those wishing to build an online store. Among these are the unmatched customer support and a dedicated Launch Manager who manages all aspects of the account development and deployment. Besides, merchants working with Shopify Plus are able to customize the customer checkout experience, improve reporting, and implement third-party applications. Shopify Plus also offers dedicated email and phone support round the clock.

The Plus plan includes a main store and nine additional stores, each costing $250USD a month. The Shopify plus system also features a new dashboard that simplifies management of all business areas. This makes it ideal for managing a large team. Besides, the monthly price is fixed and you can plan your spending according to a statement. There are other advantages that you should keep in mind when deciding whether to opt for Shopify Plus or go with standard Shopify.

The Help Center is the best place to get answers to questions related to your online shop. It is easy to navigate and provides quick answers to common Shopify tasks. Support is available through chat, phone, and email. The wait time for chat support is 7 minutes, while for email support it takes approximately 6 hours. Email support is a better option for customers who face unique situations. In addition to being accessible round the clock, Shopify Plus has a wealth of customer support.

Other advantages of Shopify Plus include an extensive developer ecosystem, allowing you to use third-party applications and services that extend the functionality of your online store. Its agnostic approach to front-end design, robust APIs, and web hooks mean it can easily integrate with any social network, mobile app, or payment processor. In addition, you can use your own domain name to run a Shopify Plus store and make it independent from the rest of your business.

Shopify Plus provides reliability and security. With a powerful API, it enables retailers to build a safe, efficient, and fast online store. It does not require a large web development team to develop your site. And you don’t have to dedicate a large amount of time from other departments. Rather, one person can easily manage the website, or hire freelancers to work on it. Lastly, Shopify Plus can scale to meet the needs of a large number of clients.

While Shopify Plus can be expensive, it is a valuable choice for eCommerce business owners who want to build an online store and increase profits. Compared to other options, Shopify Plus is more flexible and offers unique features that will help your eCommerce store break into new markets. Its $2,000 monthly fee also makes it an affordable option for many enterprise-level businesses. If you’re considering Shopify Plus as a platform for your online store, you can learn more about its benefits below.

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