Shopify Plus Advantages

shopify plus advantages

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re running an established online store, you’re bound to find benefits in Shopify Plus. It provides a comprehensive set of features and functionalities designed to make managing your store easier, faster, and more cost effective. Plus, with a scalable SaaS platform like Shopify, you’re free to scale your business as your customer base expands. This means you’ll be able to handle any traffic without the headache of deploying your own infrastructure.

Shopify Plus also has a couple of features that are worth looking into. For starters, you’ll want to check out Shopify’s Script Editor, which allows you to build custom scripts to automate various tasks in your store. In particular, this includes controlling the checkout process. Also, you can automate fraud prevention and development requests, among other tasks. You can also customize your store’s design and theme.

The most important feature of Shopify Plus is probably its reporting and analytics. This functionality allows you to gather more data about your customers and make better business decisions. The tool is also great for automating manual processes, such as customer service and advertising. This is particularly useful if you’re running a flash sale, or you want to track the ROI of your marketing efforts. You can also use the tool to automate your email newsletters, marketing campaigns, and more.

It also helps you create personalized experiences for your customers. For instance, you can send out a personalized email to your customers with a list of recommended products to purchase. If you want to target different markets, you can use Shopify Plus’s geo-targeting features. The tool is especially useful for a company like GymShark, which has 131 stores in over a dozen countries. The sports apparel brand needed a platform that could handle its international business processes.

You can also run up to ten Shopify accounts in parallel. This is a great way to handle traffic on your site. Plus, you’ll be able to run up to 8,000 orders per minute. You can also integrate your site with your CRM or ERP, so you can better manage your sales and customer data. Plus, you can easily run flash sales and promotions, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a great way to maximize your sales, and you’ll be able to track them in real time.

Shopify Plus’s features also include an intuitive toolset for building your store. This includes the launchpad, a pre-planning tool that lets you see and test different strategies. You can also automate customer service, advertising, and fraud prevention. In addition, Shopify Plus’s App Store offers a slew of well-vetted extensions.

Finally, you’ll want to check out Shopify’s built-in integrations. These include CRM, ERP, and 3PL solutions. In addition to these, there are also third party platforms, such as Avalara, which offer a more advanced sales tax tool.

When it comes to deciding between Shopify Plus and Magento, you should take into consideration the following points: cost, features, and ease of use. You should also make sure to check out what’s available for your specific business needs.

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