Shopify Plus – Is it Worth the Price?

shopify plus

If you want to increase your sales and expand your market, you should consider Shopify Plus. This powerful ecommerce platform is capable of handling massive traffic spikes. Its powerful features and robust pricing make it a great choice for high volume stores. But what is Shopify Plus? Is it worth the price? Let’s look at some of the most important factors to consider before buying it. Here are a few of its key advantages.

This software lets you sell in different currencies. Although Shopify Payments isn’t available in all countries, you can choose your default currency when customers are checking out. You can also clone your store in other languages. Shopify Plus allows you to clone as many as nine separate stores, which is ideal if you plan to expand into foreign markets. Cloning is also an excellent option if you have multiple stores or would like to sell products in several countries.

Unlike other ecommerce solutions, Shopify Plus is fully hosted. This means you can manage day-to-day operations yourself without the help of costly IT personnel or agencies. You can even customize the checkout process so it looks great and converts well. Besides, you can easily add your own branding to your checkout page. You can even place contact information on it. It’s easy to use! There are many benefits to Shopify Plus and you’ll soon find yourself using it for your business.

One of the key features of Shopify Plus is its personalized support. Shopify Plus assigns a Launch Engineer to your store to help you create, migrate, and market your store. You can also contact Launch Engineers to get help in finding partners to promote your store. Standard Shopify plans let you customize the Shopify theme templates, but they do not allow you to switch to a custom theme. You can also get more features with Shopify Plus.

A dedicated launch manager is another great benefit of Shopify Plus. This person will write custom codes and make all necessary changes. This can be invaluable to enterprise-level businesses. With the Script Editor, you can customize your checkout page without having to hire a dedicated development team. Another great feature of Shopify Plus is its support for remote collaboration. You can see when another staff member is editing the same page as you and be notified when they save.

When it comes to cost, Shopify Plus is definitely worth its weight in gold. This ecommerce software allows you to create 20 different locations and store warehousing. The company offers competitive payment processing fees, but you’ll have to pay more to get them. The extra cost is well worth it, though, especially if you’re already running a large business. For the scalability and flexibility it provides, Shopify Plus is a great option for larger businesses.

The platform supports B2B and B2C transactions, making it an ideal choice for those who sell wholesale products. Shopify Plus can help you set up a separate wholesale channel based on your current retail store. The wholesale channel displays the same products but at exclusive prices for wholesale customers. It even allows you to sell products that are only available to wholesale customers. You can create a custom brand and distribute customers into smaller groups, and set specific prices for each customer.

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