The Pros and Cons of Shopify Plus

shopify plus

Shopify Plus has an array of benefits that rival its free counterpart. The company boasts a Merchant Success Manager who is dedicated to providing expert strategy, support, and detailed guidance to help store owners build a successful business. The service also offers free 90-day business readiness plans, as well as strategic coaching and in-depth industry trends. You can also use one of the more than 100 free themes, but the paid ones can cost anywhere from $140-$180. These are well worth the money, however.

Managing an enterprise eCommerce store can be expensive, but Shopify Plus eliminates this expense altogether. In addition to a robust API, it also features integrated marketing support, which includes SEO and social media. Besides that, the SDKs and APIs are easy to use. The main disadvantage of Shopify Plus is its platform lock-in, but that is not always the case. Regardless of your preferences, the platform provides ample support and training for your team, so you can start selling online immediately.

In addition to free, paid, and trial versions, Shopify Plus also offers a Merchant Success Program that is tailored to larger companies. It includes Specialized Support Systems, an academy for learning industry best practices, and a community for like-minded store owners. For additional convenience, you can also utilize Shopify Scripts, a powerful platform for automation, cloning, and upselling. It also offers intuitive removal of payment methods and dynamic discounting.

Shopify Plus has no limit on the number of products you can sell. The platform supports thousands of transactions per minute and supports high volume traffic. Moreover, there are no bandwidth or storage limitations, so you won’t have to worry about a slowdown of your site. The platform also offers a Facebook community and a partners directory, which you can use to connect with experts and other Shopify Plus users. There is no limit on the number of products you can sell, and you won’t have to pay a single penny for transactions.

In addition to allowing you to add unlimited number of staff accounts, Shopify Plus allows you to customize your checkout experience based on shopping cart values, conditions, and more. In addition, you can use Shopify Scripts to customize payment options, shipping methods, and customer fields. Moreover, you can also create custom categories for your store and offer different prices to your customers, depending on their needs. These features will help you create a more effective business.

Shopify Plus offers a Launch Engineer, who adds technical expertise to your website. This person will work closely with you before your launch to ensure everything is set up correctly. Though Shopify does not allow developers full access to the underlying code, the Launch Engineer will help you customize your checkout page and implement a branded checkout experience. Plus also offers technical support for unique issues that may arise. When you are launching your online store, you should contact Shopify’s Launch Engineer to learn more about Shopify Plus.

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