How to increase sales of your E-commerce Website

E-commerce has been substantial in recent years. Consumers have redirected their travel and entertainment expenses to buy goods and services from e-commerce websites.

During the pandemic in 2020, the US trade department reported a 31.8% increase in e-commerce.

With more and more purchases made exclusively online, many business owners took the opportunity to create an e-commerce website for their respective brands.

Although the construction of an e-commerce store is sufficient for consumers to frequent your brand, there are certain features of an electronic commerce website that you should consider for the growth and acceleration of income.

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e-commerce sales

Strategies that help an e-commerce website

Knowing in which category your business will help you create your global e-commerce marketing strategy, allows you to determine your field of concentration, opportunities, and threats.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer (B2C) companies are those that sell their product or service to end users. This is the most common business model for manufacturers of e-commerce websites.

Everything you buy in an online store – clothing, cleaning products, grocery or movie tickets – is a B2C transaction.

Business to Business (B2B)

In a business model in business (B2B), companies sell their products to another company. The buyer often acts as an intermediary and claims the product or service to the consumer; In this case, the buyer is not the end user.

This model often has a higher control value and more recurring transactions.

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

Consumer-to-business (C2B) is the place where individuals sell products or services to large companies.

Today, we can see more and more people participate in this model, such as freelancers and influencers on social networks. These people often offer more competitive prices than businesses.


Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) is the place where consumers connect to each other to exchange goods and services.

Online platforms like Craigslist and eBay have directed this model. However, although this can be practical for most consumers, it also offers drawbacks such as quality insurance.

And now, let’s see the means to help the business marketing strategy of your business.

How to optimize your e-commerce Website

Although you can work immediately with an electronic web trade service provider, it would be useful to know: what makes the best e-commerce websites?

1. User-friendly e-commerce website design

Bringing consumers to visit your store is never the final goal – giving them a mild user experience in the world is. Otherwise, they could eventually abandon their basket and go see your competitor next to it, or in this case, the next online store.

Without a doubt, the design of user-friendly e-commerce websites is the most crucial characteristic you can give to prevent consumers from abandoning their shopping carts.

e-commerce websites suggest having the following:

I. Simple home page. Let your customers know what your store is from the start.
II. Research bar. Allow consumers who know what they are looking for exactly to find out if a product is available.
III. Categories of products or services. Help your customers browse your products and consult their options.

In addition to ensuring that your website is user-friendly, do not forget to implement the best strategy to reference e-commerce to make your content visible on the search engine results pages (SERP).

2. Multiple and flexible payment options

Another reason why customers abandon their purchase baskets is when they have no options to pay the payment.

If you often feel the abandonment of the purchase basket, you must take into account your current payment options. Then let the consumers complete the last step in the purchasing process by offering various payment options.

Take a look at Amazon’s accepted payment methods:

• Visa, Mastercard or American Express Credit or Prepay Cards
• Visa (including the Amazon Rewards visa signature card)
• Discover the network
• American Express
• Mastercard / Eurocard
• China Unionpay (credit card only)
• Amazon store card
• Amazon secure card
• Dinner’s Club (American Billing Addresses only)

As you can see, it’s quite exhaustive – that is why many consider Amazon one of the best e-commerce websites. If you have a small business, there are payment gateway suppliers like Stripe and PayPal that you can easily integrate into your online store.

These suppliers will allow you to accept cards, bank flows, banking transfers, good electronic portfolios and other payment options like “Buy now, pay later” to make a payment.

Advice from e-commerce website manufacturers: include a feature that allows your consumers to configure and protect their contact details for future payment.

3. Customer service

A huge factor in the increase in your e-commerce costs, or the return on investment, is to provide your customer with accessible assistance. According to Microsoft, 90% of American consumers consider customer service as an important factor when making a purchasing decision.

The integration of a chat plugin will allow you to hire visitors into your online store and answer their questions in real-time – while reducing additional support costs.

Some of the best live chat plugins are

• Zendesk
• HubSpot
• Living cat

And here are some advantages to use them:

• Automated ticket system
• Canned responses
• Reports and analyzes
• Chatbot AI for customer support 24/7
• Messaging on web, mobile and social networks
• omnichannel support

Advice of electronic accommodation experts: ask your supplier of e-commerce website design if it includes the integration of the chat plugin.

4. Reviews and comments

E-commerce sales

Today, as consumers cannot visualize or test the product before buying, they rely on reviews on the e-commerce website during online purchases. For my part, we frequent the Amazon and Facebook notice sections.

The best e-commerce websites have a section where customers can add and read authentic products. This is also where you can demonstrate the quality of your product.

Good manufacturers of e-commerce websites can also add another section, a section of questions and answers (Q&R) where your customers can engage with each other. However, make sure to weigh it in case of questions to which your customers will not be able to answer.

The e-commerce Trade Site of Experts Consulting: Do not leave opinions and comments unanswered. If time and staff are a problem, hire an online reputation management company like Rize Reviews to help you manage this part of your website.

5. Mobile-friendly functions

Consumption devices, especially mobile phones, are the new “market” where most transactions occur. Therefore, it would be a shame if the design of your e-commerce website does not respond to mobile devices.

According to Statista, 72.9% of e-commerce  sales came from mobiles in 2021.

Thus, in addition to ensuring that you have the best e-commerce platform for the reference and accommodation of the secure electronics website, it is just as important that your website is suitable for mobiles.

Advice from e-commerce websites: ask your electronic website design service provider to use a model or theme sensitive to mobiles.

6. Loyalty program

Who does not want to get a good deal and/or additional special treatment as a customer? Create a personalized experience by offering membership where loyal customers can benefit from special prices, offers, offers, and additional features.

The designers of e-commerce websites strategically make the features of the loyalty program on your window. In addition, you can also promote your discounts via Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

And then, in your electronic commercial marketing strategy, you can decide whether these loyal customers can be the first to know about the new products and services to increase your electronic trade.

Commercial advice: you can design good ones to send to your customers via the newsletter.

7. Complete product information

Your product pages must include descriptions of simple but detailed products: material, color, measurement, ingredients, place of origin, etc.

Try to think about the possible questions that your customers could ask him and answer it in this section. For example, consumers often ask for a guarantee, so be sure to consider this too.

In addition to that, including high-quality photos and videos of your product.

Expert advice in the SEO strategy of e-commerce: add a “related product” or “customer product” section on each product page. And consider using the best e-commerce platform for SEO.

Now that you know the features of the Vital e-commerce website to consider, you are ready to take the next step to increase your return to e-commerce.

In other words, find an appropriate electronic web design company.-

Where to find the right e-commerce design company

It can be intimidating to find the right provider of e-commerce web design services. However, just as we mentioned in this blog, criticisms are reliable, or in this case, customer testimonies – and PROS has many success stories to share.

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