Why Shopify Plus Is Better Than the Basic Plan

shopify plus

While the Basic Plan includes two admin accounts and five user accounts, the Advanced Plan provides up to fifteen accounts. For larger businesses, Shopify Plus is a good choice because it allows you to have as many users as you like. However, for smaller businesses, the expense of Shopify Plus can become a problem. Read on to learn why Shopify Plus is better for you. Here are the benefits of Shopify Plus. The most notable benefit of Shopify Plus is its ability to scale.

Merchant Success Program: Designed specifically for ecommerce merchants who need more help than the default software, Shopify Plus offers dedicated support and training. A dedicated Merchant Success Manager is available round-the-clock to help you navigate the platform and maximize its full potential. They can also help you manage your inventory and handle risk. Additionally, they offer tools that automate order fulfillment, inventory management, and marketing campaigns. Those features are key in making Shopify Plus an excellent choice for large brands and fast-growing ecommerce businesses.

Shopify Plus also offers a 0.15% transaction fee, which is not included in the free version. Shopify Plus is an excellent choice for businesses with a high number of SKUs and want a more customizable and robust solution for their online store. However, keep in mind that Plus stores often pay less for apps than other store types. There are also themes and custom solutions available for Plus users. If you want to customize your store, you can also purchase an additional theme that fits your business style and needs.

While Shopify Plus is similar to the base plan, there are some important differences between the two. Shopify Plus has more flexibility, support options, and access to the underlying code of the store. For example, the plus version of Shopify is more affordable and easier to use. Additionally, you’ll have access to the same customer support options as the basic plan. However, the Plus version of Shopify does have a minimum monthly price of $2,000, which may be prohibitive for smaller stores.

While Shopify has its own launch manager and launch managers, you can also make changes to the theme. This is possible through Shopify Liquid, an open-source template language. Although you’ll need a basic understanding of coding, there are step-by-step instructions to help you customize the theme. This enterprise platform can also help big sellers save money on development costs. This feature, called Launch Manager, is a huge plus for enterprise-level business owners.

Although Shopify Plus pricing is more hidden, you can contact a representative from Shopify to learn more about pricing options. Typical monthly fees range from $2,000 to $40,000 and vary depending on your monthly sales volume. While Shopify has fixed transaction fees, Shopify Plus allows you to negotiate a lower fee based on your volume. However, you should check the Shopify Plus plan for your needs. The pricing for Shopify Plus is dependent on your business model, monthly sales, and reliability of your business.

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