Advantages of Shopify Plus Wholesale Without Stripe Integration

advantages of shopify plus

Shopify Plus provides a variety of advantages over the basic Shopify platform. First of all, it allows users to manage an unlimited number of accounts. This eliminates the tedious process of sharing accounts among users, which is especially useful for large companies and e-commerce businesses selling in bulk. Second, Shopify Plus gives users access to a dedicated Merchant Success Manager, who can handle any questions or concerns from a single point of contact. These advantages can save time and money by alleviating the burden of dealing with multiple people at a time.

Another major advantage of Shopify is its unmodifiable core and app approach. This means that technology partners are not required to install any modules on the server or add extra code to the platform. This ensures that the core of each store remains the same. This also reduces risk and maintenance costs.

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce solutions in the world, and it holds over 26% of the global ecommerce market. It is also an extremely versatile platform, offering a great deal of customization and scalability. In addition, Shopify Plus allows companies to create several international versions of their store, which allows them to tailor their payment pages and background systems to meet international market demands.

Shopify Plus offers advanced features to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates by as much as 30%. It also offers a fully-integrated app store, offering thousands of options for integrating new sales channels. In addition, Shopify Plus is designed for high-volume, enterprise-level merchants. It also helps startups get off the ground fast.

Combined with Brightpearl, Shopify Plus provides online retailers with a complete business management solution. It manages orders from different retail channels, manages inventory, routes payments and shipments, and sends goods-out notices. It also provides a powerful dashboard that helps online retailers analyze sales.

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