How to Choose Amazon Advertising

How to Choose Amazon Advertising

What is it about Amazon that makes it a household name when it comes to online retailing? How has Amazon leveraged its massive customer base to achieve market dominance in all of its verticals? Why is it that customers continue to flock to its portal for all their buying needs? Where else can you get such amazing products at such bargain prices? What are the secrets of Amazon’s relentless marketing success?

The simple answer to the last question is: Amazon’s powerful spicing up of its brand names and its massive advertising budget. Amazon’s net revenue from its “other” category alone, which includes primarily online advertising sales, was estimated at $2.7 billion in the second quarter alone. During the same period, Amazon advertising revenue grew by double digits, making Amazon the largest advertiser on the web today. This doesn’t even include the money that the online retail giant chain invests in its own programming and its popular Kindle device and its tablets.

So how do you get a piece of the action with Amazon and increase your chance of getting more traffic to your website? There are a few simple tactics that you can employ to target the right customers with the right ads and increase the number of conversions. Ad placement is crucial because you want ads to be prominently displayed in the search results and at the top of the list when someone is searching for a specific keyword or phrase. Below are some tips that will help you with your Amazon advertising strategy.

Keyword-rich ads are a great way to make your target audience react to your ads. Amazon is one of the only retailers that have this capability, which helps them generate more traffic. When someone searches for a particular item, Amazon will automatically show up among the top ten advertisements on the right hand side of the page. This can help you establish a name for yourself as an expert in your field and a place where shoppers can go to learn more about the products that you sell.

Ecommerce ads are another great way to drive traffic to your website. Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce and describes any activity that includes buying, selling, and trading through the use of electronic means. eBay, for example, is a great site for ecommerce and has been responsible for many successful ecommerce ventures. It’s no surprise then, that many companies that sell products online also use Amazon advertising. It’s important to write compelling ad copies that capture the attention of the target market.

Video ads are another great way to promote your product. Amazon has taken this to the extreme by launching their own video advertising campaign called Amazon video. The video ads are called” Videos,” “Showrooms” or “Vlogs.” They are relatively inexpensive for Amazon and provide high value content in an easily-understood format. These videos are also embedded throughout the web using tags. It is easy for users to search for specific videos, so it can be worth investing some time into getting your videos noticed by the target market.

The best way to start an Amazon advertising campaign is to choose two or three keywords that best describe the product or service that you are selling. The keyword must be one that is not too general, but is still useful to internet surfers. Keyword research tools can be used to identify keywords that have the highest demand, but that are less competitive. The Amazon research tools will allow you to see how often different keywords are searched on Amazon. If your product falls into the top ten searches for those keywords each month, it may be well worth investing some money in advertising campaigns using those same keywords.

Amazon offers many different formats for advertising, including text ads, image ads, video ads and ppc ads. The text ads are popular because they provide the most information about your business to potential customers. Text ads can be divided into two distinct categories: direct and bid. With direct advertising, you are not charged for each click, but you must pay a fixed amount per impression. With bid advertising, however, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

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