How To Protect Your Ecommerce Site From hacking

An ecommerce security monitoring service provides several other advantages as well like secure shopping cart, password protected sections, secured ordering area and detailed report regarding security activities performed on the website. Security monitoring is done by checking the transactions generated by website and the reports provided by the service provider. The ecommerce features must integrate with each other in order to provide the users maximum benefit.

Security monitoring starts with an ecommerce security monitoring service which acts as a protocol monitor between ecommerce website and its customers. This helps in keeping a track of ecommerce features being used by the website and how it is being abused by hackers. It also allows the webmasters to check for security vulnerabilities present in the website and take quick action in order to prevent further damage being done. This helps in increasing the number of sales which are being made online. Moreover, this helps in protecting valuable customer data which may be at stake due to security vulnerabilities.

In order to integrate all ecommerce features together, the ecommerce security monitoring service must be able to collect detailed information about all activities taking place on the website. For instance, a feature like shopping cart is used where the customers enter their details on the online form, pay for the product and the details are stored in the database. The same type of feature can be enabled on an ecommerce email templates which enables the users to create a secure email account and send all messages and newsletters to their employees and customers securely.

Another important ecommerce feature is multi-factor authentication where the user needs to enter various pieces of information in order to access the secured area of the website. This is done in order to provide better security to the customers and increase the trust in the system. One can also use a secure process of giving passwords to employees through 2fa2fails feature in order to increase security of sensitive information. This helps in reducing the risk of any attack on an ecommerce site from hackers who may want to use the password to access confidential information.

In the present times, phishing is one of the most common ways through which attackers attempt to steal important information about a company or a product. Most ecommerce websites do not follow best ecommerce practices and many of them have open fields where anyone may enter any sort of details like address and email addresses. This makes it very easy for attackers to carry out phishing attacks where they get personal information about employees and customers. Employees can be phished for important company information which can be used for siphoning off company funds or even leaking competitor’s confidential information.

Security breach may be caused due to many reasons. However, the most common reason behind such breaches is poor security practices implemented by online retailers. Security breaches are categorized into different types based on the type of vulnerability that allows an attacker to access the website. Most common vulnerabilities found online are cross-site scripting flaw, cross-site database flaw, application vulnerability and user directory vulnerability. Each of these has different levels of exposure and risk depending on how an ecommerce site is vulnerable. Therefore, every ecommerce site needs to have effective and advanced security measures to keep its customers and employees safe from attack.

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