NetSuite Mobile Apps

netsuite mobile apps

NetSuite mobile apps provide users with an effortless way to access business data anytime. These applications allow them to enter expenses, time entries, approve transactions, log activities and receive reminders in real-time.

The apps provide full calendar integration and management, enabling users to stay organized while tracking tasks, managing phone calls and events. Furthermore, these solutions can be customized according to individual business requirements.


eXtendMobile is an innovative no-code integration for businesses running NetSuite that allows users to create highly targeted functions for any user within or outside their organization. Through token based authentication, eXtendMobile promotes tight collaboration and real-time data visibility through a single mobile application.

eXtendMobile’s no-code function designer allows you to quickly create unique functions that connect to any record in your NetSuite system. Once configured, the form will present fields in the order necessary for pulling, updating or posting data from that record.

eXtendMobile introduces several new capabilities, such as virtual card service for in-store checkout. This enables customers to use their smartphone as a POS terminal with an effortless experience. The app works on both iOS and Android devices and can be deployed either in the cloud model or on premises for maximum resiliency. Designed from the ground up for omnichannel selling and customer service in-store scenarios, eXtendMobile initially focuses on these tasks but will eventually cover all storefront functionality.


The eXtendCommerce mobile app framework enables you to connect, pull and post data from any record in NetSuite. Plus, you can create custom functions that target any fields or filters you desire. These functions are designed for speedy setup so they’re ideal for organizations of any size.

Other great eXtendCommerce features include the Best Sellers extension which utilizes NetSuite’s algorithm to identify top-selling items and display them on your website in an appealing and inviting way. Item Badges lets customers see visual icons to quickly identify products, promote new offerings or staff picks. Finally, Search Analytics displays both top searched items as well as those returned zero results – an invaluable feature that will help boost sales from your webstore!


The eXtendMarketing app was designed to give marketers a comprehensive framework for creating marketing campaigns. Starting as an easily digestible version of the “marketing mix,” it includes seven pillars that professionals use to define clear strategies, objectives and activities for their businesses.

NetSuite App for Mac provides a comprehensive set of features and functionality to capture, monitor and report on key business information in any location where it is installed. For instance, users can keep track of expenses and attach copies of receipts; view, edit and upload files; plus take advantage of Home and Employee Center dashboard portlets which give them an up-to-the minute overview of their company’s performance while on the go.

The eXtendMarketing app’s no-code function designer makes it effortless to quickly create micro-functions that target specific data points required by an organization’s workstreams. Furthermore, the eXtendMarketing app can be configured to work offline so users can continue engaging with the system even when not connected to the internet.

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