NetSuite to Salesforce Integration – Automate Your Business Processes

NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud ERP application, managing everything from accounting & invoicing to inventory & order management. Integrated with Salesforce–the CRM system of choice for many companies–you can automate your business processes to increase efficiency.

Data integration facilitates bidirectional flow between two tools, ensuring your financials and sales data remain accurate. It reduces time spent on manual data entry, thus increasing productivity.

Cloud-based connectors

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution designed to simplify core business operations. It provides one platform for all accounting, inventory, logistics and finance functions – plus CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PSA (professional services automation) and e-commerce capabilities.

When choosing to integrate your systems using a cloud-based integration platform, the amount of data and record types that need to be sync can be daunting. That is why selecting an adaptable connector that grows with your business is so essential.

When selecting a platform and connector, the cost should be taken into account. You’ll have to invest an initial sum as well as ongoing maintenance and subscription charges.

Fortunately, there are some simple solutions for connecting your Salesforce and NetSuite platforms without the hassle of a lengthy integration. Celigo’s SmartConnectors provide low code-first event-driven connectors for any type of data sync scenario – even real-time data updates! Plus, their intuitive data mapping and troubleshooting tools will help expedite the work required to integrate NetSuite to Salesforce successfully.


Breadwinner is an effective two-way integration solution between Salesforce and online accounting platforms such as NetSuite, Xero and QuickBooks Online; along with payment processors like Stripe, Braintree and Square. Businesses can utilize it to increase cash flow, reduce staff costs, boost productivity levels and enable sales teams to focus on selling instead of administrative duties.

The solution’s Record Creation Wizard guides users through the process of importing records such as NetSuite invoices, estimates and sales orders into Salesforce to expedite payment processing. Once updated in both systems, these records remain current.

Additionally, the solution’s global API enables easy creation and editing of NetSuite customer records from within Salesforce – eliminating double data entry and improving accuracy.

Finally, Breadwinner seamlessly integrates with NetSuite’s sophisticated pricing structures in Salesforce, enabling customers to alter their default price level or set prices per currency and quantity.


NetSuite and Salesforce are essential applications in many businesses’ tech stacks, and an efficient integration between them is key for streamlining operations, shortening billing cycles and getting visibility into bookings.

Celigo is an iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) designed for IT pros and business users to quickly connect applications and automate business processes. With thousands of eCommerce and SaaS companies around the world relying on Celigo for their solutions, Celigo continues to gain trust from thousands of satisfied users.

Business Connect helps businesses connect the key systems that power front & back office operations, simplifying accounting, sales, customer service and more. With fewer technical resources required for integration, configuration, deployment and upkeep – your systems can be quickly set up for efficient operations with minimal downtime.

Celigo provides an intuitive user interface familiar to most users – enabling them to manage their integration directly from within NetSuite using SuiteScripts, Suitelets, alerts and custom port-lets. This user-friendly experience is supported by a team of experienced and skilled Celigo engineers who monitor and support this integration on a daily basis.

DCKAP Integrator

DCKAP Integrator is an ERP integration platform tailored to distributors that synchronizes all your applications and data sources into one centralized database, eliminating manual data updates. It enables incorporation of any type of business logic – mapping, transfer logic – for improved workflow efficiency and increased collaboration within your team.

Connect your NetSuite system to Salesforce in real-time for automated sales and finance data processing. This helps streamline processes, provide cross-departmental comparison data, improve customer satisfaction levels and total revenue.

Furthermore, it provides comprehensive demand management and forecasting capabilities to allocate resources efficiently and reduce inventory costs. Businesses can track orders from sale to delivery, improving supply chain efficiency in the process.

Furthermore, it provides engagement metrics such as customer lifetime value and churn risk to help identify the most valuable customers. Furthermore, it offers vendor invoice and payment management to simplify accounts payable processes for businesses. Lastly, its GDPR-compliant security features safeguard your data securely.

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