Oracle Acquisition of NetSuite

oracle acquisition of netsuite

Oracle recently announced its acquisition of cloud ERP software company NetSuite, placing them firmly in the driver’s seat for cloud software adoption. With this acquisition, Oracle will have more control than ever before over their cloud strategy.

Oracle will benefit from the acquisition of NetSuite by gaining an expansive partner network to sell and implement it. Furthermore, it can offload some of its internal resources so that it can focus on refining and expanding the product.

Oracle’s cloud-based strategy

Oracle has developed an impressive cloud-based strategy to assist businesses modernize their systems and expand. This plan includes numerous features for security and data protection.

Organizations can select the hybrid cloud strategy most suitable for them, helping businesses save on IT expenses and enhance overall business performance.

Oracle recently unveiled “Cloud at Customer,” an innovative service that allows companies to utilize Oracle cloud servers within their own data centers. This solution addresses security and regulatory concerns which had been delaying some businesses from adopting cloud computing.

This strategy allows businesses to maximize the performance of their Oracle applications without incurring significant upfront expenses. Furthermore, it reduces the number of employees needed for managing a cloud environment, making it simpler for businesses to transition from on-premises to the cloud.

NetSuite’s cloud-based technology

NetSuite’s cloud-based technology is an ideal solution for small and midsized businesses to automate business processes. Furthermore, it eliminates infrastructure costs and system maintenance fees, giving them a competitive edge over their rivals.

NetSuite’s scalability and real-time data provide businesses with the insight they need to enhance their operations and implement faster sales strategies. That is why more than 29,000 companies across more than 200 countries and territories rely on it.

Businesses implementing NetSuite should select an experienced and knowledgeable expert. Protelo, for instance, has a team of knowledgeable specialists with years of expertise in both business consulting and NetSuite development.

GSI’s Oracle NetSuite advisors assist businesses in integrating ERP software into their current processes. Their experts in lean manufacturing and process optimization provide clients with adaptable solutions that meet changing demands. Moreover, GSI provides visibility into inventory control and management so businesses can maintain quality while exceeding customer expectations.

Integrations with Oracle’s cloud-based technology

Oracle provides a comprehensive cloud services portfolio, featuring an expansive global network of managed data centers. It offers servers, storage, networking and applications tailored for dedicated cloud, multicloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises environments.

Oracle Integration makes application integration simple with machine learning best practice recommendations, pre-built connectors and process automation. It links NetSuite to Salesforce, Workday, Zendesk, Shopify, SAP, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft – plus many more!

Embedded machine learning gives you the power to focus on innovative projects by automating repetitive, repeatable business tasks. Create visual applications, store and retrieve files using an SFTP-compliant file server, and exchange business documents with trading partners – all from one place!

Oracle Integration Cloud Service offers a range of integration patterns, from real time to event driven and file based. Plus it includes pre-built templates, recipes and business accelerators so you can quickly deploy integrations.

Impact on current NetSuite customers

NetSuite offers cloud-based ERP software to businesses to easily manage their financials, inventory and customer data. It also features capabilities for e-commerce, CRM and marketing.

According to data from an Anderson Frank survey, NetSuite is on the rise: 72% of respondents report an increase in project completions this year. Furthermore, 75% anticipate an increase in projects they’ll take on during the upcoming year.

One of the major obstacles businesses face when adopting NetSuite is data migration. But with NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess offering, businesses can make this task simpler.

SuiteSucces’ rapid-start methodology eliminates many of the obstacles and costs associated with deploying a NetSuite solution, while offering micro-vertical solutions tailored to industry requirements. Furthermore, this gives partners an opportunity to build vertical expertise and add value for their end customers, ultimately aiding in the expansion of their businesses.

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