Shopify Plus Advantages

shopify plus advantages

The main Shopify Plus advantages are speed and unlimited bandwidth. Its uptime is high, and you don’t have to worry about building the backend yourself. There are also over 1,000 professionally developed apps to get you started. Support is available at all hours, and you’ll never have to wait long for help. Your site will also be compatible with a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops. There are even mobile apps for some devices, making it easy for your customers to shop on the go.

Shopify Plus offers unrivaled customer support. The service comes with a dedicated Launch Engineer, who works closely with you prior to launch. Although you don’t have full access to the underlying code of Shopify, you can make some customizations to your checkout page. You can also make unique conversion optimization tweaks and solve technical issues. Plus offers dedicated support via phone, email, live chat, and Shopify Experts. But keep in mind that Shopify is not a complete solution for all your needs.

Shopify Plus includes its own payment gateway. It also offers useful enterprise features, including 0% transaction fees and unlimited bandwidth. It also supports over 20 sales channels, and has a storage capacity of 13+ PB and 29,000 CPU cores. Google’s advanced eCommerce analytics tool is another major advantage of Shopify Plus. It’s designed to meet the needs of larger merchants. There are several other reasons to choose Shopify Plus over other solutions.

A dedicated account management team is one of the main advantages of Shopify Plus. The service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’re always there to answer any questions you may have and give you the assistance you need. And they offer free consultations. This is especially important if you have more than $1 million in revenue. However, it’s not a perfect solution. Shopify Plus has its advantages, but it’s not perfect for everyone.

In addition to these features, Shopify Plus offers unlimited scalability. As more businesses use Shopify Plus, it has become possible to use more complex features. Its front-end customization language, called Liquid, is designed for larger enterprises. Unlike other platforms, Shopify Plus allows you to implement new features, such as Apple Pay. These advanced features are not available on standard platforms, which can take months to implement. As a result, Shopify Plus is ideal for businesses with high-growth needs.

A dedicated account manager can help you customize your store with the right tools. You can even grant your staff access to certain functions. For example, you can customize the checkout experience based on shopping cart values or on any condition. Additionally, you can use Shopify Scripts to customize shipping options, customer fields, and payment methods. Shopify Plus also helps you manage inventory. It has several other features that make it even more appealing to online businesses.

The built-in automation module reduces checkout friction and increases conversions. With fewer fields required, you don’t have to worry about logging in and out of multiple applications. Customers don’t want to leave your site to purchase a product. Fortunately, Shopify Plus provides the option to send automated email reminders to shoppers. This feature, combined with Messenger app integration, can help recover lost sales. There are many other Shopify Plus advantages – learn more about them!

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