Shopify Plus Review

shopify plus

If you are looking to automate certain steps on your Shopify Plus store, you can use the Script Editor to write your own scripts. It is also possible to create custom checkout pages and discounts based on cart properties. You can customize payment methods and shipping policies, as well as filter workflows to determine the success of individual tasks. In addition, the Script Editor has a debugger that lets you view the results of your scripts.

Shopify Plus provides over 100 customizable themes. Professional designers have created these themes to simplify the process of designing your store and imprint your brand in your customers’ minds. Templates are priced at around $140 and can help you start your store within just a few weeks. It is worth investing in a theme if you plan to use your store for several years. There are several options to choose from, depending on the size of your business.

As your team grows, so will your store’s brand. Shopify Plus has no limits on the number of staff accounts you can create. It also supports unlimited users and provides easy permissions for the admin. In addition, the Transporter feature makes it easy to migrate your existing product, customer, and order records from any other platform to Shopify. It has several features to help you create a great-looking online store. You can also take advantage of its built-in help center for tips and guides.

As a Shopify Plus user, you will receive dedicated personal support from the company’s team. Although it may be unnecessary for most businesses, for massive corporations, this is a necessary advantage. A dedicated launch manager helps you get started with Shopify Plus and integrate your existing website. You will also be assigned a merchant success manager. A merchant success manager is an individual who will guide you in your journey with Shopify Plus and keep you abreast of industry trends. A strategic coach is available for you to help you navigate the platform to your advantage.

The core features of Shopify are the same as those of the base Shopify plan, but with the extra benefits of flexibility and access to the store’s underlying code. The difference between Shopify Plus and the base version is largely in the price, with Shopify Plus being more expensive. You might not need this feature unless you expect to make millions of sales. In any case, it’s best to try the free version and see what you think.

Another great feature of Shopify Plus is its wholesale channel. You can integrate your B2B and B2C operations using the platform. The only problem with it is that you cannot display pricing for your B2B customers on your website. The software allows you to create a unified interface between your wholesale and retail channels. In addition, you can even automate customer service workflows and manage inventory. You can also set up customer tagging options.

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