Shopify Plus – Simplifying Your Ecommerce Business


Shopify Plus – Simplifying Your Ecommerce Business

Shopify Inc., a web-based store creation and management platform, is one of the many e-commerce solutions providers available on the internet. It was founded by Sean Gallagher and Mark Tolliver, who were also involved in the development of Catalina Web Hosting. The company’s aim is to provide affordable solutions for businesses in Canada and the United States. Although the Shopify platform offers free shopping cart software, the services that it provides to go beyond the basic free shopping carts.

With its proprietary ecommerce platform and hundreds of add-ons, Shopify can fulfill all your ecommerce needs. Shopify has many customized apps that can be used by your store owners, affiliates, and resellers. In fact, these apps can help you interact with your customers and provide them with more value. The following are just some of the more popular Shopify apps that can be considered part of your business app:

o Shopify Admin – This is the main Shopify app responsible for managing the Shopify store and integrating it into your organization’s framework. With an easy-to-use interface, it manages all the essential aspects of your store, from design to payments and inventory. You can also upload your own custom themes and integrate them with the Shopify admin. If you want to extend your Shopify admin further, there are also ready-made modules that you can install. This makes it possible for you to add features like shopping cart add-on and inventory add-on without writing any new code or needing any technical skills.

o Shopify Lite – If you’re running a simple store that doesn’t require any advanced functionality, you can use Shopify Lite as a foundation for your store. With a minimum set up fee and a monthly subscription, you can run a fully featured online store with just Shopify. You don’t have to know anything about programming, since Shopify has a user-friendly interface. Since all the backend functionality is handled by Shopify’s third-party developers, there’s virtually no chance of having problems.

The above are just a few of the many different apps available on Shopify. There are hundreds of apps available, which means that you can run a fully featured online business with just one app. For companies that aren’t aware of what Shopify offers, it’s worth looking into the various apps. As long as you use Shopify in the right way, you’ll realize that it can simplify the management of your online business, reduce the costs involved, and increase your profitability.

It’s possible to run a successful online store with just a small amount of effort. However, if you’re not familiar with Shopify, it can be confusing and a bit time-consuming to set up. Fortunately, it’s possible to use Shopify Lite or Shopify Pro to simplify the process and make things as easy as possible. Shopify Pro allows you to manage your store even more effectively, while enabling you to have access to a greater range of features that Shopify Lite doesn’t offer.

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