Using AWS for Business Growth

Amazon, an internet giant, is a company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that focuses mainly on e-Commerce, cloud computing, and digital media. Amazon has been able to grow and expand at such a rapid pace partly due to its focus on new technologies. Also, the company has a huge advantage over its competitors in terms of market reach and scale. All these factors have contributed to Amazon’s tremendous popularity among online buyers.


Amazon Web Services, or AWS as it is popularly known, is a cloud hosting provider that offers various cloud services to its clients. Among these are such famous ones as Amazon Web Services’ main services are its own virtualization, storage as well as delivery platforms and their respective APIs that enable third party applications to connect to them. The aim of Amazon Web Services is to provide its clients with all the tools and facilities required for e-Commerce websites. As a result, they provide an extensive set of tools for e-Commerce management and development and they play a key role in establishing the online presence of their clients.

The tools provided by AWS can be classified into two categories namely Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The former provides the client with a software program that is managed by the AWS servers and can be downloaded and used by his customers. The latter furnishes tools for managing the AWS infrastructure. While the former enables a user to download and install the program on his own server, the latter enables him to deploy it on any AWS server without requiring any help from technical support.

Another important aspect of AWS is its Virtual Private Server (VPS) option. VPS guarantees secure and high quality hosting through the use of a virtual private server. Through this service, an owner can easily lower costs while allowing him to control the entire hosting platform. There are various advantages of using VPS for running an online business:

First and foremost, VPS allows users to have complete control over his website. Even if you are inexperienced in developing websites or are not able to manage a dedicated server, you can use VPS to manage your website. In addition, you can increase productivity by having the ability to add in applications such as load testing or database development quickly and easily. You can also easily customize your website to meet all the necessary requirements of your business. You can easily add additional resources such as load balancers, database servers, or custom application servers as and when required. Thus, you will not be left behind by your competitors.

In addition to all these features, AWS provides tools such as Kinesis, Big Dataflow, and Stat for faster business analytics. These tools make your business data more accurate and up to date. If you have an E-Commerce website, you can integrate Amazon Web Services to it to increase sales. E-Commerce is the most popular segment in today’s e-Commerce market and using the tools provided by Amazon Web Services can help you gain more revenues.

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