What Can Electronic Commerce Do For You?

eCommerce has come of age and has been a big hit in recent times with people flocking to buy all kinds of products from computers to clothing. It’s not just small scale traders who are making money from eCommerce, but also major multinational companies who have made their fortunes from buying and selling goods online. But what is it exactly that makes eCommerce so lucrative? Here are some of the main reasons that have helped make eCommerce so popular.

* Ecommerce helps sell products with minimal investment because it makes use of an automated marketing system called d2c. The d2c system allows merchants to advertise products by spending a certain amount on advertising and marketing campaigns instead of investing on other types of direct marketing methods like radio, television and newspaper advertisements. It can also be said that the d2c system gives merchants an opportunity to reach out to a larger audience without spending a lot on marketing. This is popularly known as social commerce.

* The most popular d2c ecommerce service is Direct Marketing Online, or DMAIC. It is basically a set of websites, which allows merchants to advertise directly to their consumers instead of having to pay to get their products advertised through other networks. Some of the most prominent d2c services include DMAIC Network, Info USA, Info Global, Info Line, Clicksor and Adbrite. The reason why d2c ecommerce is so popular is because it allows merchants to reach out to a much larger audience and it allows them to provide more services to their consumers.

* Another popular d2c ecommerce service is Consumer Direct. Consumer Direct features a range of different websites that enable retailers and merchants to advertise their products and services directly to customers. Some of the most popular consumer e-commerce sites include Zazzle, Shopzilla and Tradeshaq.

* B2B e-commerce. B2B (business to business) e-commerce is growing in popularity. With many people now working at home and having businesses that consist of a small team, the need for direct access to business owners has grown. Business to business e-commerce platforms like IBM’s WebSphere or SAP solutions are ideal because they allow companies to connect to each other within the company.

Consumers and merchants can also connect directly to each other using consumer web portals, including eBay and Amazon. eBay is one of the largest e-commerce platforms worldwide. By using consumer portals, businesses can display their products and services and find a large customer base quickly. Amazon is another giant in consumer e-commerce. By using popular browser software like Internet Explorer and Firefox, users can search millions of online stores from their desktops. These are just a few examples of what ecommerce can do on the Internet; the list is endless.

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